Call for Submissions:


Small Fish Radio Theatre is looking for submissions

for our tenth anniversary HORROR SHOW: “LOCKED IN!”



The place has closed, the doors have locked, alas, you are trapped!

Is it a museum, library, church, cemetery, art gallery,
concert hall, opera house, pub? Are you alone?


Things we know for sure, cries for help are not answered
and there is ZERO service on your phone.


Some rules: Your play is not limited to but must include TWO of the following:


a small wild animal (it can talk, or not),


a stranger’s diary,

a box of teeth,

a box of clown heads,


an old scratchy record,



a map,

half of a ripped love letter.


Your play must also include ONE of these three lines:


"__________ is in the wall.”


“I can tell you _________, but it will cost you.”


“I warned you not to _________."


With the exception of zombies, ghosts and witches, iconic horror/Halloween characters are to be avoided.


Deadline for submission August 15, 2022.

Length 10-12 minutes. No more than four characters.


Send to: submissions@smallfishradio.com

Please contact our Literary Department with your thoughts.
Small Fish Radio Theatre's Literary Department


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