Small Fish Radio Theatre and Thespinarium produces portable theatre for the ear.

Every few months we put out a call for submissions based on a theme and record

an old time style radio show, complete with live sound effects, in front of a live

audience. Then we offer the podcast for free on iTunes and our website. To date

Small Fish Radio Theatre has featured the work of more than 50 artists and has

followers worldwide. We’ve recorded live at Chicago Dramatists, Chicago Fringe,

Victory Gardens Theater and we are featured annually on Atlanta Fringe Audio.



To listen to our latest program, you may download the

FREE podcast from iTunes and listen at your leisure,

or go to our home page to listen there. Visit our podcasts
page to listen to all Small Fish Radio Theatre podcasts.



Small Fish Radio Theatre and Thespinarium

is produced by

Trina Kakacek and Michael John Kelly


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Arthur and Marilyn Spietz


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Richard Shavzin, Kristina Schramm, Stephanie Walker, Thomas Weber


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